Desktop Restore

Desktop Restore 1.6

Developer Jamie O'Connell

It records the desktop layout, allowing the user to restore it.

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR)

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) 1.0

Developer Adobe Systems Incorporated

Speed Meter Pro

Speed Meter Pro 4.7

Developer Pure Networks, Inc.

It shows the network to which your computer is connected to and Internet usage.


dotPocket 3.0

Developer Eyeline Communications Inc.

It is an easy-to-use Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 application.


Internet Transfer Speed Meter for Desktop

Robust Internet Speed Booster

Robust Internet Speed Booster 5.0


Boost & optimize your Internet connection speed with this set of tools - A free utility to help you...

febooti fileTweak Download Speed

febooti fileTweak Download Speed 3.0

Developer febooti software

Freeware utility that allows to test your Internet connection speed.

Line Speed Meter

Line Speed Meter 4.0

Developer tcpIQ / Sigma Solutions

Accurately measure the upload and download speed of your Internet connection.

Internet Cell Boost

Internet Cell Boost 3.0

Developer Reohix

Internet Cell Boost boosts the transfer speed of your Internet connection.


iNetCalc 2.8

Developer DeSofto

Internet connection speed meter and bandwidth monitor with ad-banners filter.

Remote Control Tools

Remote Control Tools 1.0

Developer JurikSoft

Remote Administration Software.

RaccoonWorks SpeedTest

RaccoonWorks SpeedTest 5.0

Developer Raccoonworks - Alan Fletcher

Find out how fast your network or internet transfer speed is.

Trout's Internet Clock

Trout's Internet Clock 2.3

Developer Chemware Ltd

With Trout's Internet Clock you will remember birthdays, and appointments.

WizCom Desktop

WizCom Desktop 4.0

Developer WizCom Technologies Ltd.

Wizcom Desktop enables data transfer between your Pen and PC.


ZoomView 1.0

Developer Jason Doucette

ZoomView is a real time desktop magnifier program for Microsoft Windows.


Internet Transfer Speed Meter for Desktop

Speed Meter

Speed Meter 2.2

Developer Cisco Systems, Inc.

Big Meter Pro

Big Meter Pro 3.0

Developer Microsys Com Ltd.

It is a free CPU, disk, memory and process meter for your Windows desktop.

7art Gradient Clock © 2010 by

7art Gradient Clock © 2010 by 3.1

Developer SoftWare Development Studio

7art Gradient Clock screensaver will paint your desktop with bright vivid colors.

Stealth Internet Spy

Stealth Internet Spy 6.2

Developer Stealth-Internet-Spy

Stealth Internet Spy allows you to secretly monitor and record desktop activity.

Razuna Desktop

Razuna Desktop 1.2

Developer Bruce LANE

Razuna Desktop enables you to add any asset from your desktop to Razuna.

DilbertFiles Client

DilbertFiles Client 3.5

Developer Prebase Development

Send files directly from your desktop at maximum transfer speed.


PushDoc 3.3

Developer Angelo Schiavone

PushDoc is an app which lets you drag and drop stuff from your desktop.

PC Speed Meter

PC Speed Meter 1.0

Developer PC Softwere

speed meter for gta san by spyman

speed meter for gta san by spyman 1.0

Developer spyman's company

Snooper Speed Limit Downloader

Snooper Speed Limit Downloader 1.0

Developer Performance Products Ltd.

This app will help you increase your internet download speed.

UltimateSpeedTester - Ultimate Speed Tester for Desktop

UltimateSpeedTester - Ultimate Speed Tester for Desktop 5.1

Developer UltimateSpeedTester

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